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jerry-stevensonAs we get closer to the upcoming neighbourhood caucus meetings on March 20th I wanted to let you all know that I have decided to run for re-election.  Over the last three years I have worked to represent you in a way that I believe reflects the conservative values of our district and I am proud of what we as a state have been able to accomplish during that time.

Utah consistently ranks at the top or near the top of numerous best managed state rankings.  Our bond rating continues to be excellent and we are leading out in important economic growth and stability metrics.

As a small business owner, a three-term Mayor of Layton, and life-long resident of the area I feel like I have a good idea about what the needs are in our area but I am the first to admit I don’t know everything.  That is why I encourage you to email me or call if you have ideas on how I can better represent you and our district.

Over the past few years one of my major objectives has been to grow the Davis County economy. My focus on supporting Hill Air Force Base has helped bring high paying tech-related jobs to the area and has helped continue to develop Davis County into a self sustaining economy. I currently serve as the Senate Vice-chair of Appropriations and through this influential position I will continue to be able to direct and support investment in infrastructure and business growth to our area that will be vital to our long term prosperity.

If you vote to re-elect me my goals for the next four years will be the following:  Keep taxes low, be fiscally responsible with your money, invest wisely in improved transportation infrastructure that supports business and drives economic activity and most importantly to support increased education funding.  I am determined to give our students the tools they need succeed in the future.

-Jerry Stevenson